Marathon of the Brain

Day 4: I am still in shock that I have written for 4 days straight at 1,667 words/day.

Day 14: I am still writing. I have a headache, but I will persevere!

Day 20: Tangled in plot. Trying to keep the days and events straight – difficult, but fun.

Since writing 50,000 words in one month, I feel as if I have completed a marathon of the brain. Like running a marathon, it became an exercise of sheer will and determination. On day 28, my brain felt empty, but alive.

The challenge was simple – write. I logged on to the National Novel Writing Month website, entered my nWinner-180x180ovel title, author specs and updated my word count daily. A group of strangers encouraged me with email pep talks and silly videos. It sounds ridiculous, but it was all I needed to keep writing.

Meeting a daily deadline of 1,667 words for 28 days, I now understand what it takes to be a writer.


About Organized Bohemian

Dana M. Petric is a writer/landscape gardener/blogger/performer/office temp/web designer. Her wrestle between creative and money-making ventures permeates her writing. Self-publishing her first book, Growing Iris, Dana continues on her path toward writing full-time. Beginning her post-secondary education at UBC (Liberal Arts dropout), she prevailed at George Brown Theatre School (Theatre Arts Diploma) and matured at BCIT (Technical Writing Diploma). She lives in Vancouver, BC with her partner Eric and daughter Cleo.
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One Response to Marathon of the Brain

  1. Congratulations on meeting the NaNo challenge. Well done!

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