Writing is Thinking

Thinking is the hardest work there is, which is probably the reason why so few engage in it.   Henry Ford


Draft Cover

Finishing my second book, Budding Iris, I realize that writing has taught me to think. The act of writing for me is not about placing words on a page, but the process of bringing ‘thoughts to life.’

I’m trying to say: if you don’t know how to think, you can’t write.

What is thinking? Using the mind to come up with new ideas by accessing memory knowledge stored in its neurons … information flows along synapsis (small gaps between neurons) shaping a thought, a word, a sentence.

Forcing new thoughts is the challenge. The pressure to finish overrides all and stifles brain function – producing headaches. If only I could reach into my head and press on a part of my brain to squeeze out thought at will, like juice from a lime.

At my panic point I feel unable to end my book, so I dip into my writing library and rediscover two books: The Courage to Create by Rollo May and The Creative Process edited by Brewster Ghiselin. Encouraging words excite me and I continue writing for another day.

I can no longer focus on my protagonist Iris Peacock. It has been two years since I began the process, but it seems as if centuries have passed.

June 29, 2017 – perseverance – I feel nauseas uploading my word file and pdf cover to CreateSpace. My energy is depleted and I cry. Relief and sadness – I woke up every morning with Iris Peacock for the last two years and now she is sitting in cyberspace about to be handled by strangers!

Review completed. I make a few formatting changes.

Send again for review.

Second review completed.

July 7, 17 – I’ve ordered a printed copy of my proof for Budding Iris.

I talk to myself when I’m stuck. But the added pressure of finishing makes me anxious. My conversations with myself become mean. When I allow my breathing to slow, and my shoulders to relax – then the thoughts come. Thinking is when mind and body work together.

Yes, thinking is hard.




About Organized Bohemian

The Organized Bohemian is me, Dana M. Petric. I am a person who writes, runs, travels, designs websites and... has self-published two books: Growing Iris and Budding Iris (a series). I live in Vancouver, BC with my partner Eric and daughter Cleo.
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