The Iris Odyssey Book Series

Budding Iris – the 2nd book of the Iris Odyssey series

It was only supposed to be just one book! Now it is two. Budding Iris, the second book in the Iris Odyssey series, is published. Iris continues her quest for fulfillment, achievement – notoriety – fame!

Why write a book?

Because I need to craft stories… to figure out what I believe in, to show how smart I am or just to entertain the readers. Ultimately, I need to prove that I can develop an imaginative idea.

Writers are asked for their opinions, and I want my opinion to be heard. OK, so I want to be respected like Margaret Atwood.

Growing Iris – the 1st book of the Iris Odyssey series

I love to get lost in a book, and if my writing is flowing, I get transported to another world.

Why read a book?

Who really cares about one young woman in a city of natural beauty and riches? Can a reader relate to the premise, be inspired by the hero’s courage or empathetic to her failures? Hopefully, all three reasons with Iris.

Persuading readers to connect with a character is the true test of a readable book. If you like Iris Peacock, then you will want to know what happens in her life.

Did I mention it’s humourous?

I wrote this series as a way of dealing with my own past – accomplishments and failures.

As Samuel Beckett said: Try again. Fail again. Fail better.

I agree (as does Iris).

The Iris Odyssey series is available on,


About Organized Bohemian

The Organized Bohemian is me, Dana M. Petric. I am a person who writes, runs, travels, designs websites and... has self-published two books: Growing Iris and Budding Iris (a series). I live in Vancouver, BC with my partner Eric and daughter Cleo.
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