Cuba is…

south of the Tropic of Cancer, hugging the Straits of Florida, Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean Sea… an island pulsing with potential. An era of entrepreneurism is in the air – like Airbnb, which connected us with accommodations throughout the trip. Is there a possibility for a ‘new revolution’ (communism 2.0?) allowing more economic freedom?

In Veradero, Matanzas and Boca de Camarioca …


1955 Chevy in Veradero

Sun shines, palms sway, roosters call, dogs wheeze, horses clop – dominoes clatter…

Beer pours, flan soaks, fish grills, lobster bursts from its tail.


Beach in Boca de Camarioca

Eat, drink, snorkel – taste the pace of life – bongos beat, guitar strums – men sing Chan Chan– give a tip, buy a CD.

A country full of contrasts.





In Havana…

Cars honk, people chatter down clogged stinky streets – whistles pierce, music wafts… trucks deliver, pedal taxis swerve…

the ghosts of Fidel Castro and Che Guevera who stare out from t-shirts and billboards convey toughness and integrity. Now, I learn about José Marti who reigns as the most beloved philosopher of revolution for Cubans. A poet, intellectual and activist – who sowed the seeds of freedom – self-determination – who guided Castro and Guevera towards independence.


Gallery Lolo in Matanzas

The daily hassle of buying bread, eggs or fresh vegetable would frustrate most people, but older Cubans take it in stride, while millennials expect more from ‘the new revolution.’



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