Forgetting to Run with my Brain in My Feet


Brain-Feet Connection

I thought I had said all I could about running – not quite.

My ninth marathon training session – you would think I’d be prepared. But it’s stunning how I can forget the simplest things.

You need your brain in your feet.

I mean that you need a clear vision of running a long distance in your head, so your feet can follow. My vision had blurred.

Last Sunday I thought I would barf and die after I finished a torturous 30 kilometres, which seemed endless.

I ran to get it over with.

Remember: envision the distance in three x 10 kms increments.

I forgot that. And …

A lousy training session makes for a great race. My theory: the more you suffer in training, the easier the race will be. (here’s hoping it still holds true)

But this week…

‘You’re so fast.’ One of the Three-Sunday-Guys says to me. He boosts my spirits. I am trying to go slow after running way too fast last week.

‘Which way do you go?’ asks a woman runner, who I pass twice.

‘Around Lost Lagoon and back.’

‘Oh, right. I saw you come around again and I hadn’t even finished one loop. I’ll never catch you.’

I didn’t think we were racing, but, again she thinks I’m running fast? It’s so subjective. I was deliberately going slower than last week – trying to take in the surroundings, less in a hurry to finish, but going faster?

Whoa – my perception of time and distance is skewed.

After this 22-kilometre run, I have found my pace (thanks partly to my fellow runners), and my mind is focused on the remaining 29 and 32-kilometre training runs before heading to the Kelowna Marathon.

But more importantly, I have finally connected my brain to my feet.


About Organized Bohemian

The Organized Bohemian is me, Dana M. Petric. I am a person who writes, runs, travels, designs websites and... has self-published two books: Growing Iris and Budding Iris (a series). I live in Vancouver, BC with my partner Eric and daughter Cleo.
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